Book with A Number in the Title

I’m sure many of you have taken one of the DNA tests out there through something like or 23 and Me, right? You’ve at least heard of them. You can find out your familial regions, your predisposed tendencies for certain illnesses, and police are using them to solve crimes. What if you could also use it to improve your love life? Even more, what if you could use it to obliterate the dating and second guessing altogether? What if you could use DNA testing to find The One?

Imagine the possibilities! Think of the stresses and heartbreak of the dating scene, the crappy pick-up lines, the creepy dudes, the shadows of exes lurking in the background. Ugh! I’m over it. Take one simple test and your DNA will match you through legit science with the one person in the entire world who is just right for you. That’s it. No more dating, just start your life together and be happy forever!

There are downsides, of course. Who cares if you’re engaged already or have been married and had kids with someone else? The DNA match is who you are meant to be with. What if your match is living across the world or has age/race/religion differences? Would you take the test anyway, even if it meant that your current happy relationship with someone might be upended? You could always choose not to take the test, or just ignore the results if you aren’t matched with your current partner. Some people take the test but never get matched for one reason or another. Do you wait the rest of your life for the hope of a match? Ignore the science and choose your mate with the random waves of the universe the way humans have done for thousands of years?With the niggling doubt in the back of your mind that someone else might be out there waiting for you…?

Would you do it?

In The One, we follow the stories of several characters who have taken this DNA matching test that has become a worldwide sensation. It’s made divorce rates skyrocket, but is more promising for an almost zero divorce rate with future generations. Plus, it’s no scam – there is actual (fictionalized) science explained in the book about how the DNA is extrapolated into finding the other person in the world who best suits you. Online dating sites are going by the wayside and why wouldn’t they? You can pay only 9.99 (pounds sterling) and find The One. We meet a young engaged couple who decide to take the DNA test just to see what happens (never a good idea); a divorcee whose husband has left her for his own DNA match (that has to hurt); a young Scottish woman who has a match in Australia whom she’s never met (red flags); and a serial killer who is looking for true love (but finding victims on the remaining dating sites left open). Oh, and a female billionaire who’s notoriety keeps her out of any normal dating pools (how do you hide that secret?).

It’s an interesting concept and the story is a mix of British chick lit, sci fi, and thriller all rolled into one. Some of the plot points are easy to see coming but the story is compelling and keeps the reader interested throughout. There are also some compelling twists and turns that come with such a genre mash-up. Let’s just say that the serial killer may not be the creepiest person in the book! There are definitely the warm and fuzzy feelings, as well. It’s a good mix of sweet and sinister.

I’ve included a link here to some book club questions and other tidbits about author John Marrs and a link to the Kirkus Review if you still need to be convinced to read it!

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