Book Based On Its Cover

It’s a great cover, this one! It’s bright and eye-catching and full of hints of Spring and renewal. Maybe that’s what really hooked me into buying it. The title isn’t bad either – A Book That Takes Its Time. With the rushing of the world around us and the anxiety and stress that skewer me weekly, I think this just spoke to something in me that needed uplifting. I’m all for anything that will give me those rare moments of peace and contemplation, allowing me to sort out my mind. If only there was a word for that…hmmmm.

Something like…mindfulness.

That’s the crux of the book – mindfulness. Flow Magazine, a mindfulness publication, put this book together with many of their stylized ideas in one volume. With tasks like taking one really memorable picture that you purposefully frame instead of bursts of forgettable shots, or making a list of things that give you energy, or taking 15 minutes from your day to work through the section on self-care exercises, this book gives you small tasks you can focus on for short amounts of time, tasks you can and should fully concentrate on while you’re doing them. Write notes to yourself or others, try new spices, purposefully let shit go. (They don’t actually say that last one – it’s my own interpretation!) Practice kindness, thoughtfulness, and uni-tasking. Take some time to take your time.

It’s hard, this mindfulness concept. Hard to give up multi-tasking, hard to concentrate fully on just one thing. I read an article several years ago about Google making us dumber. The gist of the article is that we as a society no longer have to search and read through volumes of information to get a factoid or a definition, much less larger concepts. Google is now a verb and it’s super quick and easy to get anything we need without thought or concentration. We don’t have to think or filter or research for many, if not all, of our daily needs. We’re used to instant gratification and we pay the price for it.

This book has a really crafty vibe, so that could be a problem if you don’t like crafty things. The idea is to take the time to think about mindfulness and find your own way – it’s still a really useful and attractive book even if you’re all thumbs with paper crafts and glue! Mindfulness as a concept is all the rage in the self-help section, too. If you don’t like this book for yourself, there will surely be something else for you nearby. Titles like The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, The Artist’s Way, any of the books on Danish concepts Lykke or Hygge, the Swedish Lagom, or the innumerable books on adult coloring. Whatever helps you find peace in a hectic life, grab it and hold it close!


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